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  1. leave somebody the choice of ... or ... 要么…,要么… (选择类经典句)

  Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us the choice of brave resistance or the most abject submission.

  The age of 30s leaves you the choice of marriage or remaining a bachelor.

  2. be the instrument of sth 引来某事物的人或事 (使动类经典句)

  If I can be the instrument of your happiness, I will sacrifice all my belongings.

  3. it was the memory / memories of 追溯到… (回忆类经典句)

  Perhaps it was the memories of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which were considered turning points in their nations' development.

  It was the memory of 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered from the attacks of atomic bomb, from which originated the term of "Zero Ground".

  4. on the premise / ground / prerequisite / proposition / hypothesis / presuposition that 基于一个前提… (假设类经典句)

  The Chinese declared to implement the policy of peaceful reunification on the premise that the then Taiwan authorities maintained that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is only one part of China.

  Advice to investors was based on the premise that interest rates would continue to fall.

  5. be bound to 必定…;一定… (意愿类经典句)

  The Great Western Development is bound to be a bridge between China and the rest of the world, promoting the common economic development and prosperity of China and the world at large.

  Just wars are bound to triumph over wars of aggression.

  6. a matter of sth/doing sth 与…有关的情况或问题(描述类经典句)

  Considering the following statements, made by the same man eight years apart. "Eventually, being 'poor' won't be as much a matter of living in a poor country as it will be a matter of having poor skills."

  Dealing with these problems is all a matter of experience.

  7. This is the similar case with/when 这恰如;正如;也会 (比较类经典句)

  This is the similar case when the main melody can evoke a strong echo for us to clap our hands in admiration despite our disability to understand the score of Mozart's musical pieces.

  Besides, this is also the case with the citizen's expenditure such as education, information, traveling.

  8. be exemplified by 这一点也证明了…;这点反映在以下事实:… (举例类经典句)

  This American desire to keep the children's world separate from that of the adult is exemplified also by the practice of delaying transmission of the news to children when their parents have been killed in an accident.

  The manual worker is usually quite at ease in any company. This is partly explained by the fact that people of all income groups go together to the same schools.

  9. constitute… (不用于进行式)是;认为(判断类经典句)

  History has proved eloquently that the division of labor based on equality and mutual benefit between China and USA constitutes the most reasonable and practical international relationship.

  My decision does not constitute a precedent.

  The defeat constitutes a major set-back for our diplomacy.

  10. witness... 见证… (发生类经典句)

  a time or event witnesses sth / somebody in a particular situation or doing a particular thing.

  The rapid development in the past 20-plus years witnesses a relatively solid foundation in terms of material wealth and technology in the western region of China.

  I am optimistic and hopeful that the next round of talk will witness a permanent cease-fire in the Middle East.

  Each fair sees/witnesses carpet dealers from over fifty countries and regions around the world come to participate in its business talks。

  11. sth. (never) deserts sb. (否定/肯定类经典句)

  When I had to speak, my confidence suddenly deserted me。

  Despite ten years’ effort, our affinity finally deserted itself。

  My yearning for passing the advanced interpretation test has never deserted me。


  1.  A+a 结构


  There are 16 departments with 39 specialties in our school.


  There are 10 districts and 9 counties in Beijing with an area of 16 thousand 8 hundred square kilometers.


  China won 28 gold medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Game, ranking the 3rd on the medaltally.


  2.  A+a1+a2 结构


  Last year, China implemented the policy of enlarging domestic demands, which led to stable economic development and significant improvement of people’s life.


  The Yellow River runs 5464 kms across 9 provinces and autonomous regions with drainagearea of 752,443 square kms.


  3. A+a+B 结构

  这种结构和A + a1 + a2非常类似,我们在翻译的时候就是要区分第三个句子究竟能不能和前一个句子连在一起,也就是说最后一个句子和前者有没有密切的关系,当然在有些情况下,这两个句子结构区分起来比较复杂,也比较难以区分。

  Now, there are only 5 countries where women’s salaries make up 80% of men’s, while the income of the Chinese women equals to 80.4% that of man’s.


  例2:据世界卫生组织的报告显示,到2020 年,世界老人将超过10亿,其中7亿生活在发展中国家。目前,全世界60岁以上的老人大约有5.8亿。
  According to a report of WHO, by 2020 it is estimated that the population of senior citizens will increase to 1 billion, including 700 million live in the less developed countries. There are 580 million people more than 60 years old all over the world at present.


  4.  A+B+b 结构

  这种结构和A + a1 + a2也非常类似,我们在翻译的时候就是要区分第二个句子究竟能不能和前一个句子连在一起,也就是说第二个句子和前者有没有密切的关系,当然在有些情况下,这两个句子结构区分起来比较复杂,很难区分。

  In 1990, only 32% of children from 3 years old to 6 years old entered kindergartens, but by the end of 1998 there were kindergartens with 24 million children in China.


  China has become an aged society since October 1999. The number of the aged people over 80 years old reached 11 million with an average annual growth rate of 5%.


  5.  A+a1+a2+a3 结构


  The Olympic Games Park covers an area of 1215 hectares, including 760 hectares woods and grassland, 50 hectares International Exhibition Sports Center and 405 hectares Chinese Ethnic Park. /The Olympic Park covering 1215 hectares includes 760-hectare woods and grassland, 50-hectare International Exhibition Sports Center and 405-hectare Chinese Ethnic Park.


  In the main building area of the Olympic Games Park, a main stadium which accommodates 80 thousand people, 2 large sports complexes, the athletes’ village and the International Exhibition Sports Center are now under construction.


  6.  A+a+B+b 结构

  这种结构就是把两个A + a结构放在一起,其实方法和第一种很像,但是要形成两个主句和两个从属成分。

  In 2000, there were 14.6 thousand regular senior high schools in China with 12.01 million students at school and 20 thousand vocational schools with 12.95 million students at school.

  (这句的翻译方法就是用A + with + and + B + with的机构,这种方法在口译考试出现的频率是最高的。)

  In 2000, there were 609 women and children health centers with 72 thousand health and medical workers and 2598 local women and children health centers with 75 grass root health and medical workers.


  例3:我国于1999年10月已进入人口老龄化国家的行列,并以年均3%的速度持续增长,我 们80岁以上的老人已达1100万,并以年均5%的速度增长。
  China has become an aged society since October 1999 with an average annual growth rate of 3%. The number of the aged people over 80 years old reached 11 million with an average annual growth rate of 5%.

  (这句话说明了两个事实,所以在翻译的时候,我们可以分割成两个A + a结构来进行翻译。)

  7. A+B+C 结构


  According to the 5th population census, there were 1 billion 293 million 350 thousand people in China, including the total number/ population of 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities excluding Jinmen and Mazu islands in Fujian province and of servicemen of China’s mainland was 1 billion 265 million 830 thousand. The population of Hong Kong SAR was 6 million 780 thousand and that of Macao was 440 thousand as well as that of Taiwan Jinmen and Mazu Islands was 22 million 280 thousand.


  8.  A+倒A 结构


  I like swimming. So do you.


  In 2008, the population of senior citizens in Shanghai was 4 million. So was Beijing.


  9. A+—A 结构


  I like you, and vice versa.

  (这句话很显然就是前者和后者刚好掉个位置,但是说的同一件事情,翻译的方法就是用vice versa。)

  The American people like President Jiangzemin, and vice versa.

  10. 考察完全的名词结构


  Our people’s education level has increased sharply since 1990s. This tendency reflected our achievements through eliminating illiterates among the young and the middle aged, universalizing the 9-year compulsory education and developing higher education in the past 10 years.


  In recent years, the annual financial subsidy from the central government to Tibet reached 1.2 billion yuan. The 62 aid-Tibet projects with a total investment of 4.6 billion and 716 projects with an investment of 3.2 billion from ministries, commissions, central government institutions and other 15 provinces and cities had been finished and put into operation.





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